What is a ‘Wet” Sound versus a “Dry Sound?

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Defining the Terms “Wet” and “Dry”In the context of audio recording and mixing, “dry” and “wet” are terms often used to describe the level of reverberation or ambience applied to an audio signal. A “dry” sound refers to a signal that has little to no reverb or ambience added to …

How to Loop Ambience Audio Files

How to Seamlessly Loop Any Ambience Audio File

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Audio Loops are valuable tools for a sound designer.  When edited correctly, audio loops can be seamless and infinitely repeatable.  Looping can save valuable editing time, and can preserve the fidelity of your audio without hogging large amounts of storage or computer processing power. What is an Audio Loop? An …

How to Prepare a Voiceover Demo

How to Prepare a Voiceover Demo

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6 Tips for Beginning a Career as a Voiceover ArtistThe voiceover industry can be an incredibly lucrative career choice, though many people mistakenly think that if you have a good voice it is a fun and simple way to make a living.  Fun perhaps.  But make no mistake, the competition …

How to Repair Damaged Cable Casing

A New Way to Repair Damaged Cables

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How To Repair Frayed Cable CasingIn the relentless pursuit to make sound equipment for theatre smaller and less discernible to the audience, lavaliere microphones have become increasingly delicate.  After the wear and tear of multiple performances, a common condition to arise is a split or shredded wire casing on an …