Welcome to Hit The Trails KC

My name is Dan Warneke, and I'm a sound designer and nature enthusiast.  I have been to many amazing places in my life, but one thing I have learned is that you do not need to travel to an exotic location to find something worth seeing.  In fact, sometimes the most fascinating things can be found right in your own back yard.

I produce short documentary-style videos for YouTube featuring virtual tours and reviews of nature trails in and around the Kansas City area.

Dan Warneke - Hit The Trails KC

Why is this on a sound effects website?

First and foremost, I have always had a love for nature and the outdoors.  I am the type of person that could sit on a porch and listen for hours as a thunderstorm rolls by.  As a sound designer, my love of nature is a natural extension of my love for the wonderful and unique sounds that nature creates.

I wanted to showcase that in a different creative medium by allowing others to experience nature trails in the way I love to experience them.