Terms of Use


Our sound effects here at Frontier Sound FX are offered to you on a Royalty-Free, Single User, Unlimited basis. To view the detailed legal terminology behind our terms of use, you can download the .PDF by clicking HERE.


Otherwise, the important things you need to know are that:

  • Once you purchase a sound effect, you are allowed to use it in as many projects as you wish, whether it is for profit or not.  If you only need to use it once, you can purchase a single-end-product license from one of our affiliate retailers, like AudioJungle or Pond5
  • You are only licensed to use this effect toward completing a finished, or end-user product.  You are not allowed to resell the effect itself in any capacity.
  • ONLY YOU have the right to use the effect, either on your own project or for your clients.  Giving a copy of the effect to a friend to use in his or her project is illegal.
  • Your license is non-transferable:  It is yours forever, but you cannot transfer your rights to use it to someone else.


For the sake of your artistic freedom, we do not digitally fingerprint our files.  Please just respect the rules.  Better yet, encourage your friends to purchase their own licenses from us, and earn a commission through our Affiliate Program.


Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5