FX Pack Mini - Spaceships Vol 1

Spaceship Passing – $5 Mini Pack


9 Variations.  One Great Ship.

Get 9 variations of the same ship at different speeds and distances for one low price.

What's Included?
9 Sounds • 16/44.1k • 11.1Mb 

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Enjoy the freedoms of space and design with the Space Ship 1 Mini FX Pack.  To ensure you can roam the galaxy with ease, we’ve included 9 variations of the same space cruiser.  At the superb price point of $5.00, buy the bundle and use the sound effects again and again, with variations to fit every project that comes your way.

Know exactly what you are looking for?  The sound effects can be previewed and purchased individually, either at the right or through our affiliate retailer, AudioJungle.

Happy cruising.

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